With people's yearning for a better life and changes in aesthetic concepts, people are more and more fond of simple, quality and tasteful interior decoration styles. The progress of science and technology has created good conditions for the realization of this style. On the one hand, the increasingly advanced machinery and equipment and the rich and diverse hardware facilities have created conditions, and the upgrading of industrial workers' skills and the upgrading of design software have made the decoration industry even more powerful.



As one of the most important interior decoration modules, indoor wall surface is the goal of the whole building decoration industry to make the wall more bright, such as paint, wallpaper, wall covering, ceramic tile, or the more and more popular wood Wall panels bring a wealth of choices to people. The development of wooden wall panels makes the wooden doors and fixed walls unified during the decoration process. At first, this type of decoration was quickly promoted in five-star hotels, giving people high-quality enjoyment and senses. Now this type of decoration has also entered the homes of ordinary people. The current whole wood decoration belongs to this style.


The frameless wooden door is a typical representative of this style, because the simplified and invisible door frame makes the wooden door and the wall panel achieve a perfect fit. But the frameless wooden door is not really without a door frame, but through design innovation to hide the door cover in an invisible place.


As the advocator and promoter of new technology and design, Shanghai Pulan Decoration Co., Ltd. is able to provide more customers with this type of wooden door service. While providing wooden doors, it also provides wall panels, skirtings and hardware as a whole products solution.


Pulan sincerely hopes to establish a long-term win-win cooperation relationship with customers from all over the world!



Created on:2020-09-28 10:20

Frameless Door Solution For New Interior Decoration Trend