Before installing work, it is necessary to make sure the following points:


1.It is necessary to make the site clean and has enough space to lay down the door frame and door leaf. Before the installation, the goods package should be opened one day ahead in order to make it adjust to the local temperature and humidity and make sure the room is dry and ventilating. It is forbidden to put them together with solvent or volatile objects.
2.Correct placing: The goods utilize reasonable scientific structure and raw material, thus they are not easy to deform, while before the installation, they should be put on horizontal board, cannot be inclined for a long time. No heavy things are allowed to be put on the goods top.
3.The wall hole condition should be smooth.
4.Open the door leaf carton and door frame carton. For the normal single door, the door frame carton has 2pcs of long door jamb and 1pc of short, 4pcs of long door casing/architrave and 2pcs of short. The door jamb has rubber seal. 
5.Carefully carrying: It needs to be avoid of sharp or hard or heavy things to damage.
(1) No solvent or volatile glue can be used to install the goods. No solvent or volatile paint or glue can be put on the surface of the boards or moldings.
(2) The boards or molding cannot be installed on very wet wall or the walls and furniture without good humidity dealing.

Installation Guide


1.Measure the size of the door hole in the wall. It is necessary to measure the width of top/middle/bottom and the height of right/middle/left side.
2.Connect the short jamb and long jambs by screw. If it is 45 degree connect joint, make sure the joint connected smoothly. 
3.Put the assembled door jambs (door frame) into the door hole. And fix the door frame in the hole by small wood pieces. Put the bar in the door frame middle and bottom horizontally and make sure the door frame is fixed vertically.  
4.Put the foam glue to the gap of wall and frame. The angles, top, middle and bottom area foam glue should be full. It needs at least 2 hours to make sure the foam glue dry. Then take away the bars in the door frame and the small wood pieces between the frame and wall. 
5.Install the hinge to the door leaf and then connect the hinge to the frame, by screws.
6.Install the lock and handles in the door leaf. Dig the hole in the main door frame for the lock tongue cover and fix it. 
7.Check the casing/architrave length and cut the extra length part. Put them into the door frame groove. If the hinge screw position need to loose and after the casing inside, screw again.
8.Installation work is done.