As for the labour cost goes up too rapidly and too much in these years, our production use more machines to replace manpower. On the one hand, it can reduce the labor cost of products; on the other hand, the application of machines greatly improves labor productivity and improves product quality. 


Melamine doors are produced under these conditions. Because of the material, melamine veneer doors are not easy to process and make various complicated shapes. But we can add some line decorations, or inlay metal strips to make the door look more textured.


The Melamine door is made of MDF and on the surface it is faced melamine. Inside of the door it can be filled honeycomb paper or tubular particleboard or aluminum honeycomb for choice. The door edges are sealed with PVC edge banding by machine. It has better humidity protection.


We make the door higher with a fixed panel on the top. So the door can touch the ceiling and it is a trend in recent years. 


We believe that our melamine door is a good choice for you.




Created on:2022-01-04 11:48

New Material Doors - Melamine Surface